Parents are a child’s first and most important educator.

Our program recognizes a parent’s key role in their child’s education. We believe that parents possess a natural ability and the desire necessary to provide their child with an education. The child’s success is directly proportional to motivation of the student and the commitment by the parents.

Our most successful students are:

  • Self motivated; and,
  • Supported by parents who are available to their child during the school day, which can be any time when the student is studying, either during the day or evening.

The best way to learn more about distance education and home-based learning is to discuss the experience with other families who are already involved in a program. They will provide you candid answers about the joys, realities, and challenges of a home-based education. Contact us and we can arrange for you to contact other families.

We are committed to supporting and fostering the unique learning journey of each student in our program.