Shared Responsibility (Blended) Programs

A Shared (Blended) program is a combination of Parent Directed and Teacher Directed courses. Sharing allows for the development of a flexible program for students.

For those families who would like to have a mix of Parent Directed as well as Online Teacher Directed programming, we offer the Shared Program.
This program option allows for families to try out and perhaps transition completely into the Teacher Directed program.
  • If a course is selected as Teacher Directed, the rules and guidelines applying to Teacher Directed Programs are followed.
  • If a course is selected as Parent Directed, the rules and guidelines applying to Parent Directed programs are followed.
  • For grades 1-12, the SOH online portion for the student must be between 50-79%.
  • Proportionate Parent-Directed and Teacher-Directed funding is received based on the Shared designations.
  • For students that are 80% Teacher-Directed, SOH is eligible to receive full AB ED student funding.
  • Students choosing to study in a Shared Responsibility/Blended Program cannot register in more than one school, and % of Teacher vs Parent course totals cannot change after September 30th.