Literacy Backpacks are available to promote literacy within the home environment. They are meant to be something that is enjoyed between a parent and child.

Any students in Grades 1 and 2 can participate in the Literacy Backpack Program. They do not have to be registered in the Early Literacy Program.

How are the Parents involved?

Selecting and ordering the backpack: Parents are encouraged to go through the Literacy Backpack Program Order Form and select their top three choices for backpacks. They need to fax the order form in and then wait for the backpack to arrive.

Check the backpack for completeness: Once the backpack arrives, parents need to familiarize themselves with the contents and ensure that all of the backpack contents listed on the content list are included. If not, they must notify the office that something is missing.

Choose and complete the activities: Every backpack contains a book and an activity sheet to guide parents. Typically there are 5 – 10 activities that parents may choose to do with their child, however there are no hard and fast rules.

Return the backpack: Once a family has completed as many of the activities as they want, they need to send the backpack back to the school at their own expense. They must ensure that everything is placed back in the bag – and then they are ready to order their next backpack if they choose.

Help build literacy: The main idea is to show families that literacy can take many forms.