Cloze Activity:

An activity with the child where one word in a sentence is left blank and the child provides the word.

Early Literacy Daily Record:

A record of the child’s reading during the tutoring session.

Familiar book:

A book where the child can already read either the pictures or the text.

Independent Book:

The book from yesterday or the day before which the child can now read comfortably.

Independent Reading Level:

The level of book which the child can read without assistance.

Instructional Book:

The new book that is being introduced.


A reading error that the child makes.

Power Word:

A new word which is selected each day to help build the child’s word bank and fluency.


To look at pictures in the book and predict what might happen.

Running Record:

A record of reading behaviours recorded by a parent or tutor as he or she listens to a child read a text.