Social Studies 9


  • Module Course Work Links
  • Prepare for the Final Exam
  • Prepare for the PAT’s

Course Work

Proceed through the course work in the order that it appears below.

Textbook: The textbook we follow is titled: Issues for Canadians by Nelson publishing. The suggested readings in the course are found in this textbook.

See: Summary of Course Outcomes by Chapter in Text

Portfolio Assignments: Please note as you work through this course there are many small portfolio assignments that you are instructed to save to your portfolio. If you were to do all of these assignments, it would be very challenging to finish the course in a timely manner. The assignments are very good and may be helpful to you in the learning process of the content of this course, but I leave to your discretion which of any five of these portfolio assignments you will complete. Choose the five that interest you the most.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Alberta Education Learn Everywhere for much of the content and formatting of this course, and also Mrs. Cyd Cunningham, and Mrs. Linda Koskie for their contributions as former teachers of this Social 9 course.

Module Course Work

I recommend you bookmark this page, or download a version of this page to your desktop for easy access.

Module 1  Canada’s Political System

  • Section 1 Getting to Know Canada’s Political and Economic System (Introduction)
  • Module 1 Challenge Assignment 9ssA1_1 (Click to see sample assignment)
  • Section 2 Canada’s Political System (Chapter 1)
  • Module 1 Quiz  (Open book)
  • Module 1 Challenge Assignment 9ssA1_2

Module 2  Protecting Rights and Freedoms

  • Section 1 Canada Justice System (Chapter 2)
  • Section 2 Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Chapter 3)
  • Module 2 Quiz (Open book)
  • Module 2 Challenge Assignment 9ssA2

Module 3  Collective Rights and Immigration

  • Section 1 Collective Rights in Canada (Chapter 4)
  • Section 2 Canada’s Immigration Policy (Chapter 5)
  • Module 3 Quiz (Open book)
  • Module 3 Challenge Assignment 9ssA3

Midterm Exam (Open book)

Module 4 Economic Systems in Canada and the United States

  • Section 1 Market and Mixed Economies (Chapter 6)
  • Section 2 Consumerism and Quality of Life (Chapter 7)
  • Module 4 Quiz (Open book)
  • Module 4 Challenge Assignment 9ssA4

Module 5 Politics and Economics: Working Together

  • Section 1 Working Together (Chapter 8)
  • Section 2 Issues for Canadians (Chapter 9)
  • Module 5 Quiz
  • Module 5 Challenge Assignment 9ssA5

Final Exam (Closed book) and covers the WHOLE COURSE. Note there will be a written response as part of this Exam. Please email your teacher to email this Exam to you when you are ready.

Prepare for the Final Exam:

Before you write the final exam, you should prepare for it. Keeping this in mind, a few things to help you get prepared for the final exam, have been listed here:

  • For practice, write the released Social 9 PAT tests,
  • View this document of exemplar writing for Gr 9 PATs (at Alberta Education site)
  • Quest A+
    Quest A+ is Alberta Education’s digital testing solution.  This application contains released tests for various subjects.  Quest A+ can be accessed from .
  • Get more practice at At, choose the option: Social 9 Achievement Test multiple choice questions (self-checks)

Note: The School of Hope is charged per visit (hit) at, so please be sure to complete an exam. When you finish the test, simply hit the submit button to allow the computer to mark your test and supply you with feedback.

  • Review your quizzes and tests from your course (above)

Prepare for the PAT’s:

Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) 

In addition to the final exam, Grade 9 students in Alberta are required to write the Social Studies 9 provincial achievement test (PAT). The PAT is a multiple-choice test. Students are given one hour and twenty minutes to complete the test.

The purpose of this test is to identify how well you have completed the Social Studies 9 program of studies. It also provides important information to help your school, your school district, and Alberta Education to monitor and to improve student learning. All Grade 9 students are expected to write the Social Studies 9 PAT.

Alberta Education determines the dates on which students may write the Social Studies 9 PAT in either January or June. Please contact your teacher for more information.

Please note: The PAT does not replace the course final exam. The course final exam must be written to receive a final mark in the course.

To register, contact Monica Beck-Slater at the School of Hope office 1-888-350-4673, ext 266
For practice, write released Social 9 PAT tests.

Get more practice at At, choose the option: Social 9 Achievement Test multiple choice questions (self-checks).